In my past 30 years of working with children and youth who have experienced extreme loss and
abandonment, I have found that they have a tendency to focus more on the trauma they have gone
through than the development of their gifts, talents, and determination to succeed in life. My goal, as
the executive director and lead life coach of Role Model/Mentors of Colorado, is to help clients reset
their focus on hope, self‐confidence, and community, and then challenge them to pass on their hope,
wisdom, and inspiration to the next generation of Role Model/Mentors.

Through RMM, we introduce families to our core values: 1) Give your best effort, 2) Inspire others to
give their best effort, 3) Work as a team under pressure. Then, we sharpen their leadership and lifeskills
through our family club. And finally, we challenge them to be role model/mentors to their peers, at
their school, and in their communities.

In designing this program, I used my experience and education from the following:

  • 26 years of youth and family ministry

  • 5 years of case management with Weld County Prevention. (MYAT program)

  • 5 years as a independent contractor with Weld County DHS

We are excited for your family to join our role model/mentor community.


             Jack McDonald

              Founder & Executive Director


Community Clients:     Weld County          Waypoints Faith Community


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